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Soft Pack and Fengshui - Talking about the Essential of Designer

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Soft Pack and Fengshui - Talking about the Essential of Designer

Soft loading is a creative fusion of space aesthetics, furnishings art, lifestyle functions, and even feng shui culture and many other complex elements. Each of the softly designed areas is an integral part of the overall environment. Some of these beautiful Ceramic items play an irreplaceable role in the space furnishings.

Feng Shui knowledge profound and profound, in the home decoration, a lot of people are very particular about it. Before you hand over the decoration of the house to the decoration design company, you can know in advance about the missing taboo Feng Shui taboo, when the time to communicate with the decoration company designers will be a little bottom, today to talk about decoration feng shui taboo in a piece - living room Feng Shui taboo decoration, I hope can help you! Suzhou soft design

Living room sofa layout decoration Feng Shui

Living room decoration, design and layout of the soft furnishings, is also very particular about, according to Feng Shui knowledge point of view, the living room sofa should be placed in the flourishing position or financial position is appropriate. If single people, then the living room decoration should pay attention to Wang Tao flower position. These directions can be based on the door, windows and living room to determine the specific.

On the East Fourth House (ie Zhen homes, homes, homes, Hom house), the living room sofa is most suitable for the living room is the East, South, North or South East these several directions, That Kun house, house, dry house, Gen house), living room sofa is most suitable for the living room in the southwest, west, northwest and northeast of these several directions.

Living room coffee table design decoration Feng Shui

Good horse with a good saddle, sofa with coffee table, the coffee table should be set up on the sofa as a reference, according to the relevant decoration Feng Shui knowledge, they should reach the sofa-based, supplemented by the coffee table, sofa for the mountain, coffee table for the decoration of water Effect, therefore, the sofa should only one point, the tea table should be short, mountain water, landscapes, good luck, wealth Ding prosperity! And the choice of living room coffee table, rectangular or oval desktop is appropriate.

Living room sofa decoration feng shui background

According to the living room decoration feng shui taboo, the living room sofa behind should have a backrest, it is best to rely on a real sofa wall, if there is no real wall, you can set the screen or cabinet behind, because this backer can also Dingcai Liangwang This thing is very helpful, if the sofa behind the empty channel or window of the pattern, easily lead to the situation of dissipation.

Living room fitted with appropriate furniture appropriate

Living room decoration Feng Shui book to write, living room avoid placing too much large furniture, too much design soft pack, the living room will make a small space for walking, easy to produce collision, and secondly, it is easy to poor fortune.

Living room lighting decoration Feng Shui

Living room decoration Feng Shui also pay attention to the living room lighting, bright and spacious living room easy to bring good luck, bright lighting just right, but also to make the owner happy!

Living room ceiling decoration Feng Shui

Living room ceiling should not be too low, Feng Shui theory, low ceiling living room ceiling easy to bring pressure on the owner, but also suppress the owner, making it difficult for the owner to speak out!

Living mascot placed lucky fortune

The wealth of living quarters can put mascot Wang, can also be placed on a vibrant green plants, to fortune!

Talked so much living room decoration feng shui taboos, hoping to help you every need decoration, is willing to build your lucky commune decoration for your long fortune, Mong Choi living room decoration effect, for you to build a temperature, human love!


Interior decoration feng shui taboo (soft feng shui)

1, Do not be opposite the bedroom door. Bedroom facing the door, the guests entered the living room to see the panoramic view of the bedroom, is not conducive to privacy. Feng Shui said that this is a symbol of lingering lust, easy to advantage dwellers.

2, the door facing the toilet. The door to the toilet, bad luck. General introduction of advanced living room, and some will get to see the restaurant or kitchen. However, it is also unreasonable for a long time and my family members decline.

The living room is in the middle of the room. This setting is down, the living room placed in the middle of the house, but fortune prosperous.

4, irregular house can not do the kitchen. Irregular housing, such as used to make the kitchen, will affect the health of families, irregular housing can only be used for storage room.

5, beam pressure top, affecting mood and health. Beam most avoid the bedside, desk and table above, if unavoidable, but also to design the ceiling, will block it, otherwise it will affect the home's mood and health, career transport will be blocked.

6, irregular house should not be a bedroom. Irregular rooms can not be used as the couple's main bedroom, will lead to the consequences of long-term infertility.

7, bed mirror, it is difficult to sleep. In addition to the big bed can not be a mirror, the bed on both sides if there is a large dressing mirror, will make people sleep unstable, leading to insomnia, dreams and so on.

8, the layout of the bedroom can not be dazzling. Bedroom color to warm and elegant is appropriate, should not be too bright, do not be arranged in dazzling array, excessive luxury, glittering ornaments is particularly inappropriate.

9, bathroom on the bed, beware of ailments. Master bedroom, in addition to the bathroom can not be the bed, the side is not Kyrgyzstan, easy to make people suffering from serious illnesses.

10, evergreen potted luck lucky. Due to the improvement of quality of life, in order to increase the indoor green, evergreen pot is a good interior decoration, but be sure to choose evergreen, strong vitality, not wither, deciduous plants.

11, bed giant painting big unfit. Bedside painting can increase the elegant bedroom, but the light is appropriate, the most avoid thick big frame of the big picture, or once the hook off, head cut, non-death or injury, can not be careless.

12, neat bathroom to save money. Bath is the place of sewage, in addition to the bureau to compliance outside the position, the most avoid wet, dirty, smelly, if you can keep clean and dry in order to retain the gas.

13, through the door in the end, the trouble continues. Home avoid a hotel like a hotel promenade linked to a row of several rooms, or prone to affair and elopement, rare peace.

14, a bed, avoid bed debris. Footbed, the bed should be kept open and ventilated, must not be stacked under the bed debris, especially for newlyweds.

15, room door, door opening direction should be consistent. House door, door opening direction should be the same, which can be concluded from the door handle. Most avoid a left open, a right to open.

16, bathroom located at the end of the corridor, big fierce. If there are corridors in the house, the bathroom should only be located on the edge of the corridor, not at the end, otherwise the fierce.

17, avoid the big bed window. Feng Shui window fooling around the window, be sure to remember.

18, corner shot negative marriage. In both men's and women's personal rooms, we must avoid column angle shot, otherwise it will affect the mood and health, love and marriage are also disadvantageous, be sure to cure as soon as possible.

19, warm light bulbs conducive to feelings. Bedroom lighting is very important to the feelings of the couple, should try to use warm light bulbs, use less cold light bulbs or fluorescent lamps.

20, every angle Sha Chong shot, should potted to resist. To be safe and healthy home, where possible, should choose no corner of the house shot into every corner of evil house. Such as their own homes farewell.

Indoor feng shui taboo (soft feng shui)

At present, many people do interior decoration, will focus on the taboo Feng Shui. Although the feng shui change is not an instant you can see the effect, but in the home furnishings or pattern selection, even if you can not add points will not be minus points. Therefore, the taboo of home feng shui must know. It can be said that decorative arts are also taboo in the home.

1, the sofa can not be located below the beam

Neither the living room nor the sofa inside the bedroom should be located under the crossbar. Couch should not be placed under the beam, because if placed under the beam, the couch for a long time, the body more easily. If this arrangement can not be avoided at design time, then the beam must be wrapped up so that it does not show up.

2, the wall should not hang beast map

It is best not to hang beasts in the room like animals, they are often a fierce, will affect people's mood, and even the passage of time will make spouses constant.

3, bedside statue auspicious, can not put fierce ferocious wolf dog and the like

Different statues symbolize different tastes and hobbies. They can be abstract, representing only some sense, or they can be very figurative, representing the owner's interest. Bedside should be placed to reflect the warm jewelry, a symbol of the family happy, add a warm atmosphere. If placed such as fierce wolves and the like, it is easy to make the owner nightmares again and again.

4, family avoid the use of large statues

In general, the family is hanged with large sculptures, such as stone or bronze and the like. They all have their own magnetic field, placed in the room easily hurt newlyweds, pregnant women, sick people.

5, painting and calligraphy should pay attention to the style and owner fortune

In the residential living room decorated a few good paintings and calligraphy works, more able to show the owner's artistic taste and grade. However, when selecting paintings and calligraphies, we must first consider conforming to the decoration style. Secondly, we must pay attention to the feng shui attributes of paintings and the collocation of the natal and fortune of the masters and the feng shui of the houses.

6, the bed should not be suspended lights

Some people like to hang beautiful large chandeliers on the ceiling of a bedroom and are right above the bed, which has a direct impact on people's subconsciousness, especially as sleep comes gradually and people's subconsciousness gradually loses their protection. Suspended from the chandelier in the bed will make the unconscious feel nervous. If you must install lights above the bed, install ceiling lamps, do not install shaky chandeliers.

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